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Warm Stretch Exercises


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Effects:- Accelerates the blood circulation.- Warms up your limbs, hands and feet.- Enhances your physique.- Stretches your muscles and invigorates your whole body.
Apart from the above merits of this winter yoga sequence, it also can benefit you in many other ways: burn extra calories, sculpt your shape, adjust the endocrine, relax the nerves, relieve the stress and heal the dysmenorrhea.
A body is like a car. If you want it to run smoothly early in the morning, you need to warm it up. Stand by yoga and wave goodbye to the coldness! Be a hot yogi is one session away :)
Tips:- In winter, your muscles tend to become stiff. Please do some simple gentle stretching before the session practice.- Keep your breathing pace according to your body movement. - After practice, please change your yoga sweat-drenched suits in case of catching a cold.